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Blaine’s Going On An Adventure. (A Klaine/LOTR crossover)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGNIESZKA! And because you made me such a beautiful piece of fanart for mine, I had to step up my game. So I wrote you a drabble. :) I hope you like it<3 

The shire was a very quiet, peaceful place to live in, Blaine always thought, but he always had aspirations to travel elsewhere, to go on a long, exciting, thrilling adventure. He’d always wondered what it’d be like to go on a treacherous journey across the beautiful terrain or middle earth.

But he was but a simple hobbit, tending to his garden and his ponies by day as he smoked on his pipe, and spending nights at the inn and drinking with his friends. His life was quiet and relaxing, and he was happy with it, and he knew he’d never have the courage to go out into the world alone, and all the other hobbits were adamant to stay in the shire their whole lives, seemingly afraid of the outside world.

So Blaine stuck to his day to day life, letting his dreams just be dreams, knowing he’ll never leave the shire.

But that was before the elf.

The elf had appeared one night while Blaine was having one last drink at the inn, all of his friends having gone home and left the little place to some peace and quiet. Blaine had always liked this time of night, but was shocked to hear the background noise halt completely, so he turned to see what could have possibly happened for everyone to just go quiet.

And there, at the door, stood the most beautiful creature Blaine had ever laid eyes upon. He had long, flowing chest nut coloured hair, bright, striking blue eyes and wore tea green, slim fitting clothes. His ears were pointed slightly at the tip, and he was clearing having to duck so he wouldn’t touch the ceiling. Blaine knew immediately that he was an elf, he’d read about them so many times and he’d never thought he’d be able to ever meet one.

Blaine turned back to the bar, trying to hide his blush and pretend that he wasn’t completely enamoured with the wonderful person that had just entered the room. The elf walked leisurely passed everyone else and took a seat beside Blaine, completely at ease as if he’d done it a hundred times. He ordered a drink just as noise level returned, at least to quiet whispers.

Blaine shifted in his seat and chanced a quick glance at the elf beside him, blushing deeply when he saw the elf looking at him, and turned back to his drink. He brushed his thick, dark, curly locks of hair from his eyes and focused intensely on the liquid in his glass.

“Stare at that any harder and maybe it’ll duplicate itself.”

Blaine’s eyes widened when he heard the elf’s voice, it was soft melodic sound, echoing in his head like his favourite song would. He looked back at the elf, a little taken aback, and his jaw dropped, at a complete loss for what to say.

“My name’s Kurt.” The elf said, smiling at him.

Holy mother of God, Blaine thought, an ELF is talking to me! An actual ELF. Oh my… I have no idea what to say…

“Uh… I’m… Blaine. My name’s Blaine.” He tried smiling back, but was sure it turned out to more of an awkward grimace, which caused Kurt to chuckle.

“Well, Blaine, I’m guessing you’ve never seen an elf before?”

He shakes his head in reply, his hazel eyes still wide in wonder, making Kurt blush a little.

“You don’t speak much, do you?” Blaine frowned, not wanting to make the wrong impression.

“No! I do… I’m just… I’ve never met an elf before and I’ve always wanted to and I never really expected you to be as beautiful as books describe elves and wow should shut up now.”

Kurt blushes and lets out a soft giggle, the sound like sweet musical bell to bells Blaine’s ears. Everything about this elf was beautiful and majestic and Blaine couldn’t look away.

“You know, I’ve been traveling for centuries, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the shire. You hobbits are just so laid back and it’s a nice break from the world outside. You guys just don’t seem to care about what goes on and you just spend your lives enjoying it instead of fighting. It’s beautiful. But never in all my travels has someone even looked as… awed as you do. It’s cute.”

Now it was Blaine’s turn to blush, but he couldn’t help but latch onto the fact that Kurt travels a lot.

“You travel?” he asks, looking up at him, a curious smile on his lips.

He nods in reply. “A lot. I used to travel with my brother, Legolas, but he would constantly go on and on about his adventures and they started to bore me after a while. So I left him to journey on my own. I’ll admit it’s been pretty rough, and I’ve had to dig myself out of a few near death experiences, but it’s fun. But it gets lonely sometimes… I wish I had someone to travel with, you know? Someone to enjoy the many glorious views of middle earth with.” He smiles softly, his gaze distant in wonder.

“That’s amazing… I mean, I’ve always wanted to go see what the outside world is like… but I’m too afraid to go alone. Hobbits aren’t really safe outside of the shire… so I’ve never really had the chance.”

Kurt’s brow furrows in thought, going silent. Blaine sips his drink, waiting for the elf to say something.

“You could always come with me.”

Blaine’s eyebrows shot upwards in shock, his jaw going slack once more. Was that even possible? To just drop everything, forget his life in the shire and go adventuring with this beautiful, mysterious elf that he knew next to nothing about. He could see the world, alongside with the most gorgeous creature he’d ever seen, or he could stay here and fester away until he was nothing but cold and six feet under.

His mind was made up in seconds.

“You mean it?”

“I really do. I could use a friend. And Hobbits are good company. It’s why I keep coming back here.”

Blaine grinned; his dreams finally starting unfold and become reality. This was his moment, and he was going to snatch it with both hands and never let go.

“I’ll come.”

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